Now, more than ever, kids need the outdoors.

In the woods is perpetual youth

Ralph Waldo Emerson

COVID hit everyone hard, especially our young people. Even before the pandemic, many parents were concerned about how social media and other virtual environments were affecting their kids. There is a growing concern over what some call “nature deprivation.” 

Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to immerse our children in nature and help them understand how important time spent outside can be. Our forests and streams have so much potential, not only for recreation but as a tool to better our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Research has linked exposure to nature to improved attention, lower stress, and even a reduced risk of psychiatric disorders. It may even increase feelings of empathy and cooperation.

Earthshine has been committed since its inception to creating immersive outdoor experiences for young people and adults. With 76 acres of woodland, streams and fields we have a lot to offer. Stay with us, explore and play on our trails, jump into our adventure programs, and learn how good it feels to be outside.

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