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Events Calendar

Earthshine also has regularly scheduled activities and adventures every week. Please note that these activities are not private, and are open to all guests at Earthshine.

father and son participating in an archery activity at the Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Llama Hike (1 to 4 guests)

Experience the Blue Ridge mountains through a distinctive llama hike. Traverse private trails, diving deep into llama tales, over a 1-mile stretch. This memorable 1.5-hour adventure awaits your reservation.

Llama Hike (5 to 10 guests)

Discover the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains on a special hike with our llamas. Delve into their intriguing histories while traversing scenic private trails. This 1.5-hour, moderate 1-mile hike offers memorable moments with the animals.

Llama Hike (11 to 14 guests)

Explore the majestic Blue Ridge mountains with our charming llamas as companions. Revel in their stories as you meander private scenic trails for a 1-mile excursion. This 1.5-hour adventure calls for prior reservations.

Llama Hike (15 to 20 guests)

Embark on a unique hike in the Blue Ridge mountains accompanied by friendly llamas. Learn about their histories and enjoy scenic mountaintop views on private trails. The moderate 1-mile journey, full of cuddles and selfies, spans 1.5 hours.

blacksmithing-and-brews-knife-with-beer squared

Blacksmithing & Brews

Join us for an unforgettable blacksmithing workshop where you’ll learn the art of forging hot steel! This hands-on experience is great for beginners! You’ll heat, hammer, and shape rough steel into a unique, handcrafted knife that’s yours to take home.

Archery and Tomahawk throwing at Earthshine Lodge Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Archery and Tomahawk Throwing

Enjoy a short hike through the Earthshine Lodge 76-acre property and learn the basics of shooting and throwing. Our instructor(s) will show you the basics, give you some pointers, and maintain a safe archery and tomahawk throwing range. Equipment is provided.

child with gems from the gem mining family friendly activity at earthshine lodge in lake toxaway, north carolina

Creek Hike with Gem Mining

Put on your water shoes and bathing suits, and join us for a creek exploration – hiking up one of our favorite creeks! Embrace summer by cooling off and going on an aquatic adventure together. Highlights include gem mining along the way in the creek and an Earthshine sliding rock experience.  A fun summer outing for families!

Blacksmithing Basics Course at Earthshine Lodge Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Blacksmithing Basics

Our Blacksmithing & Brews experience has been so popular, we didn’t want to leave anyone out of the fun! Our seasoned educator has been teaching hands-on living history at Earthshine for over sixteen years. Kids and adults will all have the chance to stoke the coal fire, hammer glowing metal straight from the forge, and learn all kinds of the stories behind the craft.

wilderness orienteering at Earthshine Lodge at Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Wilderness Orienteering Primer

Orienteering is a popular recreational activity in which the orienteer uses a map and compass to navigate quickly from point to point in unfamiliar terrain. Participants navigate through a series of checkpoints along the way. This program is designed as an orientation to using a map and compass to navigate for all ages.

Ultimate Smores and Campfire at Earthshine Lodge Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Ultimate Campfire and S’mores

Learn how to make awesome and safe campfires, then try your new favorite technique as you build your own fire with your family or friends. Of course, the best way to test your campfire is to make s’mores and we’ll have all the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate you need.

Adventure Quest at Earthshine Lodge Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Adventure Quest

A fun, guided scavenger hunt through the forest! Follow clues to find your way through the woods and learn all sorts of cool nature facts along the way. You will have to work together to decipher the clues and find the right path. Be ready for an adventure! Ages 5+. This is a great activity for families or birthday parties!

Nature Art at Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Nature Art Session

The Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, hosts an exceptional nature art program that captivates both kids and adults. Each week, participants can immerse themselves in a variety of engaging activities designed to foster creativity and appreciation for the natural world.

paint and sip at Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Family Paint and Sip

Indulge in a leisurely afternoon of relaxation and creativity at our lodge, where family-friendly activities abound. Sip on a complimentary glass of wine or beer, while those under 21 can delight in sweet tea, hot chocolate, juice, or sparkling water. Join our skilled art teacher, M, in a guided session of nature-themed painting, suitable for couples, friends, and families alike.

Nature hike and art at Eartshine Lodge at Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Nature Hike and Nature Art

Join us for a guided hike along Earthshine’s scenic trails, transforming learning into a delightful family-friendly activity. Along the way, discover fascinating and quirky nature facts that will captivate both young and old adventurers. After the hike, we’ll unveil a hidden gem – a “secret spot” – where the real magic happens.

Pioneer Hands on History at Earthshine Lodge at Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Pioneer “Hands on History”

For over three decades, Earthshine has been a pioneer in delivering educational living history encounters, making learning a family-friendly activity. Our immersive Pioneer “Hands-on History” experiences not only offer historical insights but also engage visitors with interactive activities that vividly depict life in the 1800s. It’s the perfect way for families to bond while delving into the past together.

Cherokee Hands on History Experience at Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Cherokee “Hands on History”

Experience life in the 1800s! Earthshine has a 30-year history of providing educational living history experiences and our Cherokee and Pioneer “Hands-on History” experiences provide guests with historical perspective and hands-on activities. Cherokee experiences may include fire building, archery, a primitive clay project, and/or a nature walk

yoga session at Earthshine Lodge at Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Yoga at Earthshine

Nestled in the serene beauty of Lake Toxaway, Earthshine beckons you to a mountaintop retreat that seamlessly blends nature’s tranquility with yoga’s practice. Our carefully curated yoga sessions, suitable for all ages and levels, harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

Nature Hike at Earthshine Lodge Lake Toxaway North Carolina

Name That Plant! Nature Hike

Join us on a captivating nature hike through the breathtaking property of Earthshine Lodge, nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. Our knowledgeable and passionate guides will lead you through winding trails, unveiling the wonders of the natural world that flourish within this verdant oasis.

dogwood flower photo taken during the intro to nature photography course at Earthshine Lodge in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Intro to Nature Photography

Learn the basics of photography – using natural light, subject selection, and the art/science of composition. Participants will take a hike through the property with plenty of opportunities to shoot, critique, and improve upon their photos. A digital camera of some sort is required – a smartphone, DSLR, point-and-shoot, etc.

Climbing Wall

The Earthshine Lodge climbing wall is operated by experienced adventure staff and is a great intro to the basics of climbing. There are different routes to make the experience more or less challenging for climbers. This family-friendly activity is a great way to spend the afternoon.

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