Service Category: Llama Hikes

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind hike in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains with our friendly llamas! Hikers will learn about our famous llamas’ interesting histories and how to safely handle the animals before heading out on a hike with gorgeous mountaintop views on our private trails.

Llama Hike (5 to 10 guests)

Discover the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains on a special hike with our llamas. Delve into their intriguing histories while traversing scenic private trails. This 1.5-hour, moderate 1-mile hike offers memorable moments with the animals.

Llama Hike (15 to 20 guests)

Embark on a unique hike in the Blue Ridge mountains accompanied by friendly llamas. Learn about their histories and enjoy scenic mountaintop views on private trails. The moderate 1-mile journey, full of cuddles and selfies, spans 1.5 hours.

Llama Hike (11 to 14 guests)

Explore the majestic Blue Ridge mountains with our charming llamas as companions. Revel in their stories as you meander private scenic trails for a 1-mile excursion. This 1.5-hour adventure calls for prior reservations.

Llama Hike (1 to 4 guests)

Experience the Blue Ridge mountains through a distinctive llama hike. Traverse private trails, diving deep into llama tales, over a 1-mile stretch. This memorable 1.5-hour adventure awaits your reservation.